March 12, 2012

Doing the Impossible

I'm a terrible blogger, but I think that when I do blog my stories are mostly awesome. This story won't disappoint I promise.

I decided on a whim to visit my family yesterday after church. You see, for my mom and sister, Sundays are Pretty Little Liars day. They watched 2-3 episodes of the little ABC series from the season pack Jenessa got for Christmas. When I was bored last week, I decided to give it a try and got HOOKED. Seriously it's my new favorite show. So I just had to drive to Park City and emerge myself in it's mysterious goodness.

It was a late night. I ended up going through a few boxes and before I knew it, it was past 11pm and time to drive home. I hauled my load to the lower garage and my dad followed me out. I put in a steam cleaner (my carpets are getting a little ugly), and some other random stuff. Sat my laptop on the top of my car so I could small talk my dad. We chatted for about twenty minutes before I proceeded back into my car and drove on my merry little way.

When I finally got home, I started reaching around for things to take inside when I stupidly thought to myself "Dang it, I forgot my laptop on the couch." I started reaching for my phone to call my parents when I stepped out, and kid you not my laptop was still sitting on top of my car. Although it had lost the majority of its little grippy thingy's on the bottom, it was determined to make it through 30 miles of road and canyon to make it home safely. I'm definitely counting my blessings tonight! It so would have sucked to lose everything!


Kristian and Malori said...

That story is so awesome. I feel like it should be submitted somewhere. I love your blog! Keep blogging!

Jaclyn said...

you lucky little girl!